Windsor Hotel search: found Alma House

Windsor Hotels are ideal if you are searching for a place to stay in Windsor and only need to stay for a night or two.  Windsor Hotels can vary in price quite dramatically so it is worth checking what the best rates are for single or multiple night stays.  In Windsor, the main Hotels are found on the High Street near Windsor Castle - beware though - there is very little (if any) parking and you may have to pay for it.  Town Centre Hotels in Windsor can also be noisy - being in the heart of town has it's disadvantages as there are more people than on the outskirts and so there is more noise.  As a Windsor Hotel we know that the bars and clubs kick out after midnight and so there can be noise from passing revellers into the early hours.  Then the bin-men come and empty the trash from the many bins in and around the bars, clubs and restaurants and therefore staying in a town centre Windsor Hotel can be restless.  

If you like the convenience however of location then a Windsor Hotel in town can be ideal.  However if you prefer to pay less and get more comfort and convenience then try a smaller B&B in Windsor like Alma House and you won't be disappointed. Windsor Hotels are all very well but if you want to park right outside your accommodation and don't mind a short 5 minute walk into town then we think you'll forget about Windsor Hotels and will focus ion finding that perfect B&B experience!  

Our little Windsor Hotel is called Alma House.  It is a late Victorian three storey town house is a tree-lined street that is just 5 minutes walk from other Windsor Hotels.  We have four en-suite rooms at Alma House and as some people may call it a Windsor Hotel we decided there is not a lot of point in talking about the differences as there aren't many nowadays.  

Call or check online for availability 01753 862983

If you need a longer stay why not try for various apartment options that may suit you better if staying for a week or more.